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At the threshold of life when i never thought i would venture on a business of my own and In the realm of life we sometimes end up doing things we never envisaged. ‘Truly’ is my dream come true.

Qualifying from Lesley’s kitchen and bread school in Scotland gave me lot of confidence to get into baking. The stay and bake course was one experience i will never forget. Blessed with a son who looks into the social media marketing and digital branding and footprint of ‘truly’ i am glad of a younger generation helping me.

As an individual i am a very determined and highly motivated person. I take my role as a mother with utmost responsibility and of course I love challenges. Whether its to do with my work or success in any other field of my interest, I believe in working hard towards achieving goals.

Baking is not cooking. Its precision. Its art. Its creative. And for me its fulfilling. Buying a bread was very simple. But creating it not so. Its a multi process effort. The smell of bread fascinates me. The aroma fills my kitchen and makes me hungry.

Chocolate walnut Brownies: A favourite of quite a few of my customers who keep coming back for more. The very first written review i got said ‘ truly brownies are dense, truffle like and moreish. It was like sinking my teeth into the most perfect morsel of fudgy chocolate ever. Delicate yet rich with an aroma that could almost make you leave it out , just to smell it. I am in a state of brownie bliss’. That kind of made my day.

Another review said ‘ one of the best brownies i had in recent times with exquisite amalgamtion of ingredients. Loved the way it was packed and presented ‘.

In the next 5 years I see my brand ‘truly’ being synonymous with brownies. I am already selling to other cities in India. The cakes are where i get to experiment. I try to give a twist by adding a tangy fruit flavour which has gone down well with my customers. And keep ordering for more. I would like to introduce luxury chocolates in the next few months. These would be available in different gifting options. These would be available before Diwali this year.

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Truly - Delectable Bakes
From 450.00
Truly - Delectable Bakes
From 450.00