La Petite Meringue



Radha Dhaka is a sculptor-artist who forayed into home baking and sugar craft on persistent demand from family and friends and has now created a niche for herself with her unique edible art.

La Petite Meringue, a moniker referencing her other passion, teaching French at a professional level, was born out of her desire to bring together her love for baking and sculpting, while being able to cater to requirements she found hard to easily avail of herself in the market when she started.

Today she creates couture and bespoke cakes and gourmet confectionaries in every shape and size imaginable. With over 25 years of experience in baking, Radha uses real and quality ingredients and updated techniques to ensure consistently high quality products.She constantly innovates and develops her own recipes to give clients an unforgettable culinary discovery every time.

In Radha’s words, “Working with Snackishq is a double pleasure as I love the team and concept and it adds another dimension to my repertoire. It’s great that people can sample delectable treats every time and explore the sweet side of snacking outside of the standard cookies, cakes, pies or muffins. I look forward to working with seasonal produce and unexplored flavour profiles as customers today are very knowledgeable and selective about what they buy and eat.I’d definitely recommend my citrus kissed madeleines and signature choco-chip brookies right now and advise people to be on the look out for more adventure in the future.”

Products From La Petite Meringue

La Petite Meringue
La Petite Meringue
La Petite Meringue
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