Fresh Baked Goodness


Fresh Baked Goodness, was started by their founder, ‘M’, who started baking just so she could satisfy her midnight cravings for desserts, and her unending love for chocolate. This desire to bake everyday not only saw potential and growth from a business perspective, but also saw a certain calling, and a certain sense of contentment from providing edible creations that linger long after her clients have tasted them.

Like every other story, this did not come easy to her like a swish of the magic wand! She still boasts of the several months she’d spent burning cakes to learning the art of temperatures, to consistency of creams, experimenting various parameters and then when the time was right, she went on to take the big leap to announce her brand Fresh Baked Goodness, a name she just woke up with one fine morning! From a one member unit, and a gracious family that shared its kitchen to this home-baker, about two years down the line, FBG expanded to a 3 member unit and now a full fledged unit of 20 people handling every department from purchase to public relations!